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Our business operations are funded by donations and from sales of XSProject’s products. We have three administrative staff and seven employees who wash the trash, prepare it and sew all our wonderful products. Our single biggest expense is the rent and operation of our office/workshop on Jalan Kaimun Raya in South Jakarta.

XSProject regularly hosts international tour and school groups at our location. These groups come to learn about Jakarta’s trash-picker community and the work we do. XSProject has hosted more than 50 groups from 10 countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the United States.

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Product Description


  • Covers salaries for plastics washers and product sewers.
  • Covers expenses like office rent, utilities and upkeep of the workshop and gift shop.


  • XSProject Office/Workshop Rent: $500
  • Utilities, Internet, Telephone, Security: $150
  • Salaries (15 people): $2500
  • Machinery Repairs and Misc: $500
  • Monthly Donations: Support XSProject Operations by continuously covering these costs with a recurring monthly donation.
  • General Donations: You Choose The Amount – Want to help, but can’t decide on one of the options above? We’re always in need of general donations for our XSProject Operations.