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Since 2010, XSProject has been supporting the educational needs of trash picker’s children. Our Pre-Grade 1 classroom is located at the Cirendeu garbage dump in Jakarta and administered by Miss Vicky, an Early Childhood Development professional. She follows the Indonesian curriculum for kindergarten students.

The children then attend 1st through 12th Grade in the Indonesian public-school system.  XSProject pays for uniforms, shoes, books, backpacks, school supplies and in some cases, transportation for up to three students per trash picker family. All vaccinations, medical, dental and vision are also covered each school year. We believe that by assimilating children from trash picker families with students from a variety of economic backgrounds, they become aware of opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

When students graduate from high school, XSProject prepares them for entering the job market. The XSCollege Scholarship Fund supports the most dedicated students from the trash picker community who desire to obtain a college degree in a medical sciences or STEM field. Currently our greatest need is funding the XSCollege Scholarship Fund.


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  • Assures each child receives at least a K-12 education.
  • Provides vocational and college opportunities for students who wish to pursue a professional career.


  • Kindergarten (formerly Pre-Grade 1): $120.00/year – one child (monthly donation of $10.00)
  • Elementary School (Grades 1-6): $300.00/year – one student (monthly donation of $25.00)
  • Middle School (Grades 7-9): $600.00/year – one student (monthly donation of $50.00)
  • High School Vocational Training (Grades 10-12): $900.00/year – one student (monthly donation of $75.00)
  • XSCollege Scholarship Fund: $1020.00/year – one student (monthly donation of $85.00)
  • Monthly Donations: Support XSEducation by continuously covering these costs with a recurring monthly donation.
  • General Donations: You Choose The Amount – Want to help, but can’t decide on one of the options above? We’re always in need of general donations for our XSEducation Program.