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Living and working in the midst of the pollution of garbage dumps is dangerous and life threatening. The trash picker families are often fearful of medical personnel and will not seek medical attention even if they are extremely ill.

XSProject helps by educating the community and offering simple annual check-ups. When more medical attention is needed, we partner with Lestari Women and Children’s Hospital to make sure the individual receives necessary treatment. With donations, XSProject is able to pay the medical, dental and vision costs for the trash picker community.

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  • For Routine Health Checkups helps to cover costs for things like Complete Health Checkups, Vision Tests, Dental Checkups, Hearing Tests, and much more.
  • For Emergency Care helps cover costs for those in the community with serious injuries or illnesses in need of immediate medical attention.
  • For Vaccinations helps to cover costs for vaccinations like a series of 6 tetanus shots for members of the community.
  • For a General Amount gives us the funds we need to purchase healthcare supplies, provide nutritional education, and to cover all other needs to care for the community.


  • Routine Health Checkups: $50
  • Emergency Care: $150
  • Vaccinations: $100
  • Monthly Donations: Support several father’s, mother’s, and young adults throughout the community with a recurring monthly donation.
  • General Donations: You Choose The Amount – Want to help, but can’t decide on one of the options above? We’re always in need of general donations for the Community.