What We Do

What We Do

XSProject’s mission is to raise global awareness about the environmental impact that garbage has on the 450,000 trash pickers living in Jakarta, Indonesia. We do this by making and selling innovative products from consumer waste, and by using XSProject as the stage to educate the Indonesian consumer about recycling.Making a strong environmental and social statement about the link between what consumers throw away without a thought and where that waste ends up, is key to our social and environmental programs.

Our products are beautiful and unique. They tell the story about how the product was used, thrown away, recovered by a trash picker, sold to XSProject so he could feed his family, and finally given a second life as a new product from recycled material and purchased by you.

XSProject uses a portion of the proceeds from sales to fund the health, educational and vocational programs we provide Jakarta’s trash picker community. Since 2007, XSProject has recovered more than 15 tons of trash from the waste stream in Indonesia. From this trash, we have created more than 75,000 new products.

Women Learning Through Vocational Training
Indonesia children playing in school
Man sewing plastic products


At XSProject, we know that a good education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty in the community. The earlier we are able to provide an education to a trash picker’s child, the greater the chance that they will stay in school. That is why every trash picker’s child who enters the XSEducation Scholar Program receives at least 12 years of school, paid for by XSProject.

The XSVillage Pre-School is located at the dump site in the community. There are two Early Childhood Development educators who come each week to prepare the 5 to 7 year-old children to enter the first grade in the next school year. They learn reading, writing, arithmetic, play games and learn social interaction skills. In this way the children gain self-confidence and have a good start before entering the Indonesian public school system.

At the beginning of the school year, each student receives a new backpack loaded with school supplies, new shoes and uniforms. Setting these students up for successful learning is as important to XSProject as what they learn.

XSProject also partners with The Jakarta Intercultural School on programs and outings. The JIS Middle School students and instructors bridge the gap between their lives and those living in poverty by organizing play dates, health and nutrition classes and mentoring programs.

A child with vision, hearing, dental or other health challenges is not able learn effectively. So XSEducation reaches beyond just the books, uniforms and grades to provide every child, every year with a complete health check up. XSProject pays for eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental work and vaccinations for all students in the program.

Indonesian children in school
Indonesian children in school
Indonesian children in school


The XSCommunity Program purchases non-biodegradable trash from the trash pickers. Trash pickers normally would not select these plastic bags and pouches because there is no market to sell them. When XSProject purchases them, however, we provide much needed extra income to the trash pickers. With these plastics, we create new consumer products, thus removing the bags from the waste stream while educating consumers about how trash affects the environment and the community.

There are no public health facilities available to trash pickers or their families. Because of their poor diet, dental, vision and bone health are all compromised. When a trash picker becomes ill, the XSHealth program ensures that medical treatment is paid. We monitor the family to make sure their needs are taken care of. Once a year, XSHealth offers vaccinations. Outreach nurses from a nearby hospital conduct regular workshops for the young women and mothers on nutrition, women’s health and well-baby care.

Retno visiting the trash picker community
Trash picking site
Trash picking site


Most trash pickers are men. While they are out on the streets collecting trash, the women are often left to sort through the trash the men bring home, looking for whatever can be sold. With little or no education, there are few opportunities for these women to learn skills to earn extra money to make a better home for their husbands and children. Yet, they have the same desires and dreams as the rest of us.

The XSVocational Training & Micro-Finance program offers these young women and mothers the opportunity to learn skills they can use to start their own small businesses. XSProject offers training, makes micro- loans and conducts business workshops to give them the tools they need to get started. It is through this program that XSProject brings self-confidence and dignity to the women of Cirendeu.

Woman in our vocational training program
Woman in our vocational training program
Children wearing dresses made in our vocational training program

XSProject is proud to make these products available to you at our workshop in Jakarta and on this website. If you are planning a visit to XSProject in Jakarta, please contact us at 1-512-577-6149 and we will send you directions. Proceeds from sales go directly back to the women who make the products.