Cirendeu Handicrafts

For the young women and mothers living at the Cirendeu open garbage dump, there has been nothing they have looked forward to more than getting together each week for vocational and business training to prepare themselves to open their own business.
 After many months of training and preparation, Cirendeu Handicrafts is open for business and their products are available for purchase in the US. Meet the six women in our flagship program.

Rokhanah and Yuni have had extensive training in sewing and tailoring. Their Little Girl Dresses made from authentic hand stamped Indonesian batik fabric are adorable and come in three sizes (SM, MED, LG). Pena, Tiah, Nur and Sani transform the most un-interesting trash into unique and colorful earrings and necklaces made from paper beads, soda cans and other unusual consumer waste.

Your purchase from Cirendeu Handicrafts helps these women become self-sufficient and confident. What they earn helps their families to move one step closer to a better life away from the trash. Cirendeu Handicrafts will continue to add more jewelry, textiles and other handmade products to their business, so check back frequently to see what’s new!

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