Thank You XSProject USA Community!

Thank You XSProject USA Community!

All of us at XSProject Indonesia would like to thank our amazing US Community for your very generous support of our programs in 2017. So many thoughtful customers and donors have contributed in many ways to our social programs for the health and wellbeing of Jakarta’s trash pickers and their families, and to our XSEducation program.

Picture of Burning Garbage in Jakarta

Burning garbage at their homes creates vision and lung diseases among trash picker families. (photo by Vereba Radulovic)

Giving hope to disadvantaged individuals has many pathways and can even take a different route each day. People with food insecurities often do not make good decisions about what they eat. So, we fund nutritional meals and educate the families about making healthier food choices. We offer medical treatment for diabetes and it’s many symptoms. Breathing the smoke and methane from rotting garbage at the dump causes asthma and other respiratory illnesses, heart, and lung disease. This year, we have seen more cases of tuberculosis and lymphoma.

The most positive changes in the community are the result of educating the children. From K through 12 and now to the college level, the young people have the desire for a better life than their parents. Yet, the family unit is so strong that the reason the students work so hard in school and are hungry for knowledge is to be able to provide a worthy home and better living conditions for their parents.

Picture of Children Doing Activities at the Garbage Dump

Sunday afternoon activity at Cirendeu garbage dump. (photo by Vereba Radulovic)

Regardless of whether you make a donation to XSProject through our website, or you shop at our “on-line” store you have a direct impact on the lives of these families. XSProject is the support or “hand up” for them to get to a place where they can do for themselves. Poverty does not mean loss of dignity or laziness. It means lack of opportunity. We thank you for your past support and hope you will continue to support our work with these many families. You are making the difference for them.

Picture of 1st Grader Gilang in Class

First grader Gilang learns social skills in class.

Our biggest needs in 2018 are to cover the education costs of the children ($30,000/year or about $370/student) and the medical needs of the families including the children ($10,000/year). If you believe in the work we do, please stand with us by sharing our story and website with your friends and family.

To begin this new year, we offer our gracious thanks and sincere appreciation to all of you. If we could, we would give you each a big hug.

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