XSProject’s College Bound Students!

XSProject’s College Bound Students!

In September, two young women in XSProject’s XSEducation program began their first semester at college.

These young women each have a different and unique story. Fitriyah knew that without further education, she could not find a good job. On her own, she visited the college, completed the application for a scholarship and, against all odds, was awarded to partial 4 year scholarship. XSProject is committed to funding the remaining tuition that the scholarship will not cover.
Picture of Nurlela Tutoring StudentsNurlela knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find a job in Jakarta with just a high school education. After graduating, she wanted a job to help support her parents and two younger brothers. While a high school diploma is a huge step for a young person living in extreme poverty, Nurlela learned it only offered the most menial of occupations, making it impossible to improve her family’s condition.
Picture of Fitriyah Tutoring a StudentFitriyah and Nurlela join Sari, the first student to enter XSProject’s college program. She is in her third year working towards an Accounting degree. Sari has changed since attending college. She has become serious about her future, more dedicated, and responsible. Some of the older students at Cirendeu noticed this difference in Sari, but it was Fitriyah and Nurlela who saw the potential. Now they are model examples of success for students in the 2018 high school graduating class.

Not long ago, college was only a dream with no possibility for these girls from the trash picker community. Today, the XSCollege Scholarship Fund is making higher education a reality for youths wanting to study in STEM sciences and Nursing/Medical fields. Students in this program, must keep good grades and work part time for XSProject.
Picture of Sari Tutoring StudentsSince July, all three young women have been working as tutors in the XSEducation Program. Mentored by Miss. Vicky, XSProject’s Early Education teacher, Sari, Fitriyah, and Nurlela tutor the children, check homework, and are fast developing their own maturity, self-confidence, and sense of responsibility.

Please consider making a donation to the XSCollege Scholarship Fund with a one time or recurring monthly donation. Your contribution will provide funding for college degrees in STEM and the Nursing/Medical fields to exceptional students from the Cirendeu trash picker community. Click here to donate now!

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