When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

The daily lives of Jakarta’s trash pickers are the same every day as they make their living picking through trash cans and dumpsters, sorting out anything they can sell just to feed their families. That is, until something goes wrong.
Picture of Sumiyati and Her FamilyIt’s only a matter of time before someone becomes sick. Living at a garbage dump, among the waste, smoke, and methane, illness can be life threatening and affects the whole family. This is what happened to Maran last month when his wife, Sumiyati was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

When she was finally too weak to care for her children, Sumiyati went to the doctor. She was immediately transferred to the large Fatmawati Hospital in Jakarta and given 3 blood transfusions – a total of 27 pints. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks and only Maran could visit her. Her sons waited outside the hospital room, too young to understand why their mother could not come home and take care of them.

Because Sumiyati and Maran’s two boys, Rahmat, who is in the 5th grade and Deden, in the 3rd grade attend school under XSProject, we soon heard about her condition. The baby, Eva, had been sent to live with Sumiyati’s parents in another part of the city because no one could care for her.

Maran does not understand what is happening to his wife. Because he is poor, uneducated, and the hospital bills are mounting, the doctors do not share much information with him. The hospital released Sumiyati with some medication to take daily and instructions to eat better to build up her strength.
Picture of Retno of XSProject With SumiyatiXSProject makes visits to their home to monitor Sumiyati’s condition. Aminah, a neighbor, has been preparing healthy meals until she can get her strength back. The boys continue to attend school but are confused and worried that their mother might die.

XSProject supports more than 100 trash picker families. The progress we have made delivering vaccinations, visits to the dentist and eye doctor, and educating the children to break the poverty cycle is largely the result of our incredibly generous donors.

Saving Sumiyati may be the single most important mission XSProject has undertaken. If you want to make a contribution to XSProject to help Maran, Sumiyati, and their family you can go to: https://xsproject-usa.org/shop/donate-today/xscommunity/

UPDATE: It is with profound sadness that we share with our XSProject community that on Sunday, September 10, Sumiyati passed away. She leaves her husband, Maran and three children.