Lessons About Recycling From Trash Pickers

Lessons About Recycling From Trash Pickers

Several times a year, XSProject conducts consumer education programs about Jakarta’s trash picker community. During these programs we introduce visitors, schools, and tour groups to what life is like living as a trash picker. The program includes a tour through the garbage dump, seeing the homes that are built on and from trash, and learning how trash picker families coax a meager living out of sorting through people’s trash to survive. The tour has a profound impact on visitors.

Picture of Retno Explaining How Products Are Made

XSProject General Manager, Retno Hapsari, Explains Making Products from Trash to a Tour Group.

Students from schools across Indonesia and Southeast Asia experience life at Jakarta’s Cirendeu garbage dump followed by a trip to XSProject’s workshop where they can help prepare non-biodegradable plastic trash brought to us by trash pickers. They learn how we wash and sort it and are encouraged to assist our employees in this process. Then, they get to see first-hand how the sewers create fun and functional new products that are sold to consumers to help support the Cirendeu community.

Picture of Young Visitors Washing Products.

Young visitors get a chance to wash and prepare the soap pouches before being made into products.

University and post-graduate students visit us as part of a school project or a journalism assignment. What they experience during their trip is expressed in their beautiful and compassionate stories, photos, artwork, and videos which they share with their friends and community when they return home.

Picture of Students Working In Cirendeu Garden

A Group of Students Volunteer to Work in the Cirendeu Garden.

No one speaks better about how trash affects people of poverty than the young mothers in our vocational training program, Cirendeu Handicrafts. These moms never pass up an invitation to sell their jewelry and fabric crafts at school bazaars and international clubs. They look forward to chatting with the public, explaining how they make their handicrafts, and share, with pride, stories about their children who attend school through XSProject’s XSEducation program.

Picture of Students Exploring Cirendeu Handicrafts Paper Beads

Students are fascinated the paper beads made into jewelry by the moms of Cirendeu Handicrafts.

Educating consumers to be mindful of what they purchase as well as what they throw away builds more environmentally conscious communities. If you have an opportunity to visit Jakarta, we hope you will make time to visit us at XSProject. Until then, we encourage everyone to make recycling a habit in your home and community.

Want to do more? You can also make a donation to XProject to help us continue to support Jakarta’s trash picker families, to share their stories, and to give them the tools to improve their lives.