Fitriah Graduates – What’s Next?

Fitriah Graduates – What’s Next?

In our April Newsletter, we featured three of our star students who continue to be star students.

This month we want to give you an update on 19-year-old Fitriah, who has just graduated from high school. She has been enrolled in our XSEducation Program since elementary school.Picture of Fitriah

It is common for the old students to want to go to work right after they graduate high school. When their parents are bringing home $5.00 a day (from picking trash) to feed the entire family, it’s natural for the older children to feel obligated to help their family.

Fitriah had to make that decision, too. After getting counseling from XSProject teacher, Miss Vicky, and talking to some college students, Fitriah did a pretty amazing thing. Though she never mentioned to us, or even to her parents, that she wanted to go to junior college, all by herself, she went to the college and applied for a scholarship. And, because she had good grades, she received a 3-year scholarship!Picture of Fitriah at Registration

College starts September 19. She will be taking classes to get her degree in Public Administration. With this degree, she can be an Office Supervisor, work in the Training or HR departments of a large company, or as the Office Manager in a smaller company.

We are looking for a very generous sponsor to pay the expenses that Fitriah’s scholarship doesn’t. Would you consider helping her? A sponsor can make a tax-deductible contribution to pay $4022 for all 3 years, or $1,340/year.

Fitriah is willing to work too. Miss Vicky has asked Fitriah to help her as a student teacher/tutor to the elementary school students each afternoon. Fitriah’s salary will cover her college incidentals – like cell phone charges and computer time to do homework at the internet café.

We know that Fitriah’s story has a profound impact on the other students from the trash picker community. They want that better education too, so they can find good jobs and be able to move their whole family away from Cirendeu garbage dump and out of poverty.

To help Fitriah, please make a donation to XSEducation.