After a Late Start – Our Stars Shine Brightly

After a Late Start – Our Stars Shine Brightly

At XSProject, we make every effort to provide a complete K-12 education for the trash picker’s children. Breaking the generational cycle of picking trash in Jakarta is our mission and the earlier the children start, the greater their opportunities are.

But sometimes families arrive at the Cirendeu garbage dump with older children who have never attended school. The parents want their children to have an education, regardless of their age and XSProject is always looking for sponsors to help pay for the educational needs of older students.

Picture of Ardiansyah, Rina, and Fitriah Fitriah, Saroh, and Rina are three of our students, who got late starts with their education but are now shining brightly.

Fitriah, age 19 will graduate from high school this July. She is very aware that to succeed and to make her parents lives easier, she needs to do well in school. Sometimes she studies with her school friends at their homes. She enjoys track and Indonesian pop music. Twelfth Grade students must complete their homework on the computer. So Fitriah often stops at the internet café on her way home from school to finish and submit her assignments.

Saroh and Rina are both 17 years old and in the 10th grade. They both love their teachers, are eager learners and enjoy hanging out with their friends when they can. Their school is not near their homes so they take a motorcycle taxi each day to get to class on time. They both play on the school badminton team and enjoy listening to music, especially “Dangdut” (Indonesian pop music with origins from Hindustani, Malay, and Arabic music).

All three of our “Stars” attend school six days per week. On Sunday’s they help at home with cleaning the house and doing other chores. But school is where their friends and futures are. As Fitriah told us, “If XSProject had not helped me with school expenses and supplies (for) all these years, I probably would not have even finished elementary school”.

To support one of our Shining Stars, please consider making a donation here. Their education not only frees them from the cycle of poverty but also gives relief to the entire family.