An Outing to the Book Store

An Outing to the Book Store

Now that the Cirendeu Community library has been completed, the children of the trash pickers are coming regularly to read books. Most of the donated books are for Grades 1-4, which many  children have already read. It was clearly time for the older students to choose books that were more suitable to their age.


Gramedia is the “Barnes and Noble” of Jakarta. On a recent Saturday, XSProject’s General Manager, Retno Hapsari, took ten of the 5th and 6th grade students on an outing to Gramedia to choose books for the library.


They had never been to a bookstore before. First, they had lunch at the mall. Many of them had never been to a mall, either. At Gramedia, imagine their amazement at seeing so many books in one place; so many choices.

Students at the Book Store

It was overwhelming and hard to decide which one book each of them could take home. They chose carefully, trying to decide if their choice, when donated to the library would be interesting to other students, too. What big decisions for these young people, but in the end, each one was happy with his book selection.


XSProject plans to continue this program by taking fifteen 7th, 8th and 9th graders to Gramedia next month and eventually the 10th thru 12th grade students. Soon, the library will have a nice selection of books.


Through books, the trash picker’s children learn about the world, other cultures, begin to form dreams and goals and explore topics that shape their lives. By donating to XSProject, you will be able to support our purchase of more books for all students. Please consider making this gift that is sure to inspire these young people for many years.