A New School

A New School

More than 100 children have passed through the doors of XSProject’s Kindergarten in the last seven years. As the 2016 school year drew to a close last June, it was evident that the children needed a new classroom. The old building, located at the garbage dump, had fallen into disrepair. Rodents had taken up residence in the classroom that was perched perilously at the edge of a sewage creek.

Photo of The New School

Instead of investing in repairs it was our dream to find a better location for a new school and to construct a multi-use building. Our General Manager, Retno Hapsari, proposed a new building to the parents at trash picker community. They fully supported it and the search for the perfect location began.

Without funding, but believing in the generosity of our donors, XSProject began construction of a new building near the trash picker community but within safe walking distance for the children. Our goal was to have the building ready when the new school year began on July 18.

In addition to a kindergarten classroom, plans included a library and study area for the 90 elementary and middle school students and a workshop and gift shop in a vocational training center for young women and mothers. XSProject would need $5,000. With these plans and timeline, we had to secure the funds quickly.

But before we even let donors know of the plans, The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) said they would provide all the funding. This organization is the Voice of the Recycling Industry worldwide, with 1300 member companies in 4,000 locations including the US and 34 other countries.

As soon as the new building was finished, we moved the kindergarten in first, and on July 18, the 2016-2017 kindergarten class took up residence in their new classroom. Our teacher, Miss Vicky and her assistant Miss Anis have filled the room with everything a kindergarten class would want or need.

We’re waiting for tables, chairs and books for the library and study areas but overall the new building is a bright, cheerful place to learn and do homework. All of the students find this new location to be just the perfect place to hang out.

XSProject provides a K-12 education for trash picker’s children. This year we have more students than we have sponsors. When you sponsor a student, your donation, makes it possible for that child to break away from the poverty and stigma of trash picking. Together, we are breaking the generational cycle of poverty one child at a time. Why not honor a teacher you know with a donation?

Photo of The New School

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