Back to School

Back to School

Retno Hapsari Inspiring the StudentsJuly is back to school month for Indonesian students. This is an especially exciting time for the children of Jakarta’s trash pickers who attend school under XSProject’s XSEducation program. We pledge to give a complete K-12 education to children living at the trash picker community.

Every child has the right to an education regardless of their social status. It is only through education that a child discovers who they are, aspire to be and develop their own intellectual identity. From these roots come successful and productive adults.

We invite you to be part of this amazing education program for Jakarta’s trash picker children by making a contribution to support one of our 85 students still looking for sponsorship.

This year, the 13 children from XSProject’s Kindergarten class are moving on to the First Grade. There are 9 new little ones who are just entering. Miss Vicky, their teacher and her assistant, Miss Anis, will guide and prepare them to be first graders next year.

Each year, General Manager Retno Hapsari and her staff purchase backpacks and shoes for each student. Back packs are stuffed with school supplies and other materials they will need to be thriving students.

Before the packages are distributed, Retno calls all the parents and students together for a conversation about making school friends, doing homework, school activities, and where to get help. Retno attends every parent teacher conference and parents are strongly encouraged to join her.

XSProject has more children this year than ever before. We have many bright and gifted students who still need sponsors. People who help children change lives every day. Won’t you be that person who will change a child’s life today?

Give Now or contact Karen at for more information about our sponsorship programs.

First Grade Students and Parents

4th Grader Sofi With Shoes & Supplies Sheella and Miss Anis