Introducing Cirendeu Handicrafts

Introducing Cirendeu Handicrafts

Girl wearing Cirendeu Handicrafts dressAt XSProject, we are committed to supporting the young women and mothers in the Cirendeu community who want to earn their own income by gaining skills to start their own businesses.

Womanesia a club of students at the Jakarta Intercultural School, is leading a project that sent two mothers, Darni and Rokhana to sewing classes for the past 18 weeks.

They started as beginners and have now graduated from the advanced level class. They have already begun accepting orders for clothing and household items.

In May, Yuni, another mom, joined the group. She had been working as a sewer in a factory. She received so little salary she could not support her family. Now, by using her skills, she has opportunities to show and sell her ready to wear at bazaars and to acquire new customers. Thank you to Womanesia for their continued support by promoting and advertising in their international community for these mom’s.

Here in the US, Darni, Rokhana and now Yuni are the mothers who sew the Little Girl Dresses available for sale ($20 each) on our website. Sales from these dresses go directly back to these three women.
Karen With Cirendeu Handicrafts Group

In addition to Darni, Rokhana and Yuni, there are six other young women and mothers who are creating and making jewelry…from trash! These products will soon be available for purchase on our website.

Some great features of the jewelry are that all earring wires are hypo-allergenic, much of the jewelry is created using paper beads they make by hand from magazines, earrings and necklaces from plastic wrappers and discarded batik scraps and earrings made from the inner tubes of motorcycle tires. Sales from the jewelry go directly back to these mothers.

The women have decided to call their business Cirendeu Handicrafts. We hope you will support them with your purchase of their products on our website and at our conferences and trade shows. 
Cirendeu Handicrafts Group Picture

Let the Sun Empower the People – Solar Lamps for Students

Let the Sun Empower the People – Solar Lamps for Students

Retno and group of students with solar lampsTheir homes are barely 20 square feet, to house a family of five. There are no windows and the solitary light bulb doesn’t shed enough light to read by. The only other light in the home is from the television.

This is the environment that children in XSProject’s education program, who live at the Cirendeu garbage dump, struggle with every day. Once the sun goes down at about 6:00, doing homework and trying to study for a test is impossible. Many of the young people already have poor vision and wear eyeglasses.

When the organization, Future Without Poverty offered XSProject 20 personal solar lights for the students, we just couldn’t refuse. Made by Flexiway Solar Solutions, the lights can sit on a table, the floor, or even be hung. Retno with student and solar lamp
So, one Sunday afternoon last May, XSProject’s General Manager gathered twenty middle and high school students together to show them how to charge and use to their own personal solar lamps for studying and walking safely home from school when it is dark.

It took the students no time at all to learn to install the stand and operate the two brightness levels. There was a lot of excitement as Retno Hapsari handed each student his/her very own solar light.

There are still 54 students at the community who could benefit from having a personal solar light to study by. XSProject is not able to obtain more free of charge, but we can purchase them for $10 each. We think the benefits to the students is immeasurable.

Retno with student and solar lampYou can be part of this amazing program to help XSProject purchase 54 more solar lights, by making a $10 donation on line to XSProject today.

All donations of $10 in the month of June will be used to purchase solar lights for the remaining 54 students.
Students with solar lamps