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Our Mission – To raise global awareness of the effects of trash on the environment and society. We strive to break the generational cycle of trash picking by educating trash picker’s and other children of poverty and bringing dignity and self esteem to the communities we serve. We advocate for consumer recycling by producing and selling products made from trash.

Our Vision – To have an sustainable solid waste and recycling system in Indonesia that offers fair wages that lift people out of poverty.

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Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, XSProject is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of poor families living in Jakarta’s trash picker communities. It is estimated that there are about 450,000 trash pickers who move through this city of 13 million people each day, picking through garbage to find anything they can sell to make money and feed their families. XSProject works directly with the trash pickers of Cirendeu.


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Unlike typical trash pickers who live away from the garbage dumps, the 100+ families of the Cirendeu open garbage dump live, cook, wash and care for their children on top of the heaps of trash.

Cirendeu is a toxic environment. Fires continuously smolder under multiple layers of trash creating a cloud of smoke over the whole area. Methane from decomposing trash causes severe headaches, dizziness, nausea and acute respiratory stress in adults and children.


XSProject believes that breaking the generational cycle of trash picking is the way to a better life for the Cirendeu trash picker community. It starts with educating the children. Adults and children have access to medical facilities near the open dump and XSProject pays those bills. Vocational training and micro-financing of small businesses is available to young women and mothers. This provides extra financial support to their families and creates a sense of self-worth and empowerment.

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XSProject depends on the sales of products we make from consumer waste and from donations to keep our programs going. Please see our “Donate Now” page to learn more about our needs and what it takes to keep our work going. We invite you to make a donation or become a recurring donor.



You can also make a difference by sharing our story with your friends and family.

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